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  1. Rosebud, Ahab
  2. Get lucky, M. Knopfler
  3. Okke Geerts, Heavy Clay
  4. Wayfaring stranger, traditional
  5. Scheerlicht, Heavy Clay
  6. Down the road, S. Earle
  7. Galway girl, S. Earle
  8. Homeward bound, Heavy Clay
  9. Poffert, Heavy Clay
  10. Brother wind, T. o’ Brien
  11. To be with you again, Henderson
  12. Carrie Brown, S. Earle
  13. Roaring thunder, Heavy Clay
  14. Ver van hoes, Heavy Clay
  15. Box of pine, Hackensaw boys
  16. Cowboy man, L. Lovett
  1. To be young, D. Rawlings
  2. Border Reiver, M. Knopfler
  3. One, Bono
  4. The park, L. Feist
  5. Dusty boxcar wall, E. Andersen
  6. Jolene, D. Parton
  7. James river blues, D. Rawlings
  8. Lydia, S. Cleaves
  9. Methamphetamine, D. Rawlings
  10. Minglewood blues, D. Rawlings
  11. Johnny B Goode, C. Berry